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"Sport has become a part of my life,
to be more exact, not a part, but the
concern of all my life. My way to the top
was difficult and thorny. But I do not
regret about this."

Ivan Yarygin

The Siberian Hercules Ivan Yarygin

Ivan Yarygin - is the twice champion of the Olympic Games in free style wrestling, the USSR record holder in 1970 and 1973, the first absolute champion of the USSR, the record holder of Europe 1972, 1975, 1976, five-time World Cup winner. From 1993 to 1997 he was the president of the Wrestling Federation of Russia the member of the Bureau of FILA. He is a bearer of the Orders of Lenin and the Red Labour Banner. Ivan Yarygin was born in 1948,he grew up in a large and friendly family in the village of Sizaya, Shushensky region of Krasnoyarsk territory. After school he went to Abakan to learn to become a driver. In his spare time he played football, then he came to the wrestling school to the coach V.I.Charckov (his first coach). In 1996 he began to train in Krasnoyarsk under D.G. Mindiashvily and quickly gained the height of mastership.

God blessed him not only with health and strength, but also with the greatest feeling of responsibility. He had never been late for a training nor did he leave a training before the appointed time. In 1970 Ivan Yarygin won the Russian championship and that very year he became the USSR champion. He stepped onto the mat and shined with crave for fight and victory. At the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 Ivan Yarygin set up a peculiar record - he held all his triumphal bouts within 7 minutes and 20 seconds, having floored all his rivals. Such thing had never happened before. To his second Olympics Ivan Yarygin prepared with the special excitement and persistence. The results of the trainings were impressive. A one hundred meter race was covered within 11 seconds, wringing out achieved more than 120 times. Rope-climbing with hands only was 15 times without rest. Keep in mind daily marathon from Krasnoyarsk to the village of Sliznevo here and there- the distance was 52 kilometers. In July of 1976 in Montreal Ivan Yarygin got the second gold Olympic medal in a tough fight with the best wrestlers of the World. It was an award to the whole school of our Krasnoyarsk wrestling.

The victory at the International Tournament in Free-Style Wrestling in Tbilisi and the title of the World Cup winner had been the results of his persistent training. He was 33 when he became a general coach of the National free-style wrestling team of our country.

"We have always aspired to create the spirit of friendship and solidarity,- Ivan Yarygin said. - That helped us unite more closely and survive the most difficult period of our country" Within the period of 1982 to 1992 when the National team of our country was headed by Ivan Yarigin, our wrestlers achieved the highest success on the World arena. The book by Ivan Yarigin "Stern Male Games" was published in Krasnoyarsk in 1995 in which he spoke about his sports career, how a simple village fellow achieved the shining height, about his creative and moral searching in work when he was a general coach of the National team of our country. The last pages of the book were devoted to the International Tournament in Free-Style Wrestling for Yarygin's prizes in Krasnoyarsk. In honour of special remarkable services to the World sports the International Federation of Amateur Wrestling established a Tournament for Ivan Yarygin's prizes in 1990. The first Tournament was held in Abakan, and all the rest seven rest were held in Krasnoyarsk - in the Palace of Sports "Yenisey".

A great number of enterprises, organizations, joint-stock companies, banks and firms. The administration of the city and region greatly assisted in the organizing of the Tournament.

Each time the Tournament was gaining the higher level of organization and brightness of athletes performance. The young Tournament winners were especially pleased to get the medals and prizes from legendary Ivan Yarygin.

Ivan Yarigin used to underline the role of Krasnoyarsk fans in the sports festival.

"The citizens of Krasnoyarsk are peculiar people,- Ivan Yarygin said. - They can "shout for", and besides they manage to remain temperamental and fair at the same time. I should hardly achieve any serious success if I hadn't been viewed by my dear fellow-countrymen..." Ivan Yarygin loved his motherland and used to say: "I always wanted to be worthy of my great birthplace." And he managed to be.

The Eighth International Tournament for Ivan Yarygin's prizes was held in January, 1997,under the sign of preparation for the 32nd World Free-Style Wrestling Championship. That was why the interest to it was extremely high.

237 athletes from 21 countries took part in the competition. Among the participants of the Tournament therewere3 Olympic champions and 14 Olympic Games winners.

Our Krasnoyarsk wrestlers triumphed in the competitions, they added to their collection of awards a gold medal ,two silver and a bronze one.

Buvaisar Saitiyev who fought in the weight category up to 76kg made his fans happy. The young Olympic champion of 1996 didn't lose any bout and mounted the highest place on the honorable rostrum.

The results of the Eighth Tournament have become decisive for the FILA specialists, the leaders of the country and our Krasnoyarsk region when they came to a conclusion to hold the World Free-Style Wrestling Championship in Krasnoyarsk in August,1997.

Ivan Yarygin formulated the aim: "We should organize the World Championship in Krasnoyarsk better than Olympic Games, so that everybody remembers our Siberia and our Motherland Russia in whole."

The expectations of the sportsmen and fans came true. The World Championship in Krasnoyarsk has become a splendid sports festival and has been recognized as the best one among all the previous Championships.

The athletes from more than 45 countries all over the continents fought for the highest awards of the World Championship.

The National team of Russia headed by the coach D.G. Mindiashvily won the first team place. This event proved the highest level of Russian school of free-style wrestling.

On the Ivan Yarygin's Tournament and the World Championship our Krasnoyarsk citizens met many famous sportsmen and the leaders of the International Federation Amateur Wrestling, Mr. Milan Ertzegang, the FILA president among them. The thrice champions of the Olympic Games Alexander Medved and Alexander Karelin the twice champions of the Olympic Games Soslan Andiyev, Arson Fadzayev and many other outstanding wrestlers visited Krasnoyarsk.

I.Yarygin's life broke off tragically, but Krasnoyarsk citizens, his friends and colleagues will always keep in their hearts the memory of this outstanding free-style wrestler.

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